Birthday Lust List

It might be ages away, but it doesn't hurt getting excited about what kind of things I'd like! I've moved away from material things laterly, what with all the holidays and interiors I've been looking at. I think I'll be at my most content when I move into my first house - I know I'll be a constant renovator - and probably won't ever be fully 'finished' with the house. But we'll see how much moderating I can do. 

I've asked for money for a car from my mum (£10k) which I won't be able to touch until the end of summer 2014. I've been lusting over an Audi TT or Mercedes SLK for quite some time, but now that the money seems more tangiable, I've looked at so many things I can buy with it. Two trips to Australia (at £2k), a Mini Cooper (£5k), perhaps a personalised plate (£400) and furniture/interiors for a new house. It's always good to keep some of it saved away for a rainy day. Other than the money, she always wanted to buy me something I can open on the day - so, in the spirit of documenting (I've been an avid scrapbook-diary-writer since I was very young) I've asked for a Lumix GF5: The camera used by Rosie in The Londoner, as her pictures always look so sharp and professional. Hopefully I can keep this well into my late twenties and can take pictures of my children and all of life's little memories along the way. 

In the same respect, I like the Future Listography book so I can remember everything just as it was in my early twenties! Do Son by Diptyque I discovered not long ago and fell in love, such an earty, floral fragrance that smells more adult that the Zara/Roberto Cavalli I'm used to. 

A pasta roller to enhance my culinary skills! Perhaps a blender too? A subscription to Elle Decor would be so good, although I'm only living in this apartment until May, so not sure where I'll be afterwards which is a little awkward for deliveries.  

In a perfect world, my day would start with a continental breakfast, a super hot power shower, a big chunk of cards from my family, and mayyyyybe the surprise of packing for somewhere new in the future. With a Louis V suitcase? A girl can dream!

or... who knows!


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