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I love to cook. I love to bake, I love whisking and frying and icing and everything in between. The only problem: I am an absolute nightmare in the kitchen. I am awful with timing and technique and have no concept of accurate measurments whatsoever.

I fancy myself as something of a Pre-Nigella and have every intention (no laughing) of getting to grips with a few relatively simple - and a few more complex - dishes.  As a cooking-virgin I can guarantee there is going to be a few flops (and probably a few burns/upset tummy's/grumpy faces) along the way - in light of this... we can all have a good giggle and see them as the hurdles to success!

Yesterday morning I made a Victoria Sponge (pictured below). You may be surprised to read this is a Victoria Sponge (yes, really) and not pancakes filled with jam and cream. Obviously something went wrong during the time in the oven as I committed the ultimate baking-sin and made the sponge from a packet! Additional to this forgivable blunder of a cake I made some fairy cakes (also from a sponge-mix, I am going to baking-hell...) which I thought would be a really good idea to ice with nutella and peanut butter.

So, basically, my plan is to immerse myself in cook books and hoard online recipes until I find a few dishes that I can (hopefully) one day whack out and impress everyone. As I have quite a lot of spare time before my lectures this year, I am planning on practicing the dishes before and around lunch time - I'll keep my blog updated with how things go! Good Luck, Ally.


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