2012 in 12 points

January - I remember the beginning of 2012 was all about being at home. Two months over the christmas holiday's spent at home lazing in the remainder of the christmas festivities for a little too long

February - Back to university and feeling relieved to be back in my small London flat. Work began to pile up but the end of university didn't seem too far off...

March - Knuckling down and the beginning of my obsessive lists, obsessive cleaning and obsessive organizing!

April - I look back on April as the beginning of change (although at the time it just seemed like a while month of tears) april 3rd, my third day back for the Easter holidays, running down to the lake in the rain and curling under cuddles at Soph's house.

May - Picking up the pieces again and taking baby steps... All made better by Egypt's warm sand and still sea.

June - Seeing old faces again in Italy at the bad choice of a late night drive across the country which ended in screaming fits.

July - Finally a clear head, romance and the feel of freedom and something new...

August - Moved into my new flat, with my new boy... a new beginning

September - A very busy month of university work and strapping down

October - Cosy nights in and warm knits

November - Heels, clutch bags, leather gloves and dinner with a view of the Eiffel Tower

December - Kid in a Candy store every moment Harrods, Selfridges and Winter Wonderland christmassy goodness!


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