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I't s not often that I'm taken back by a video on the internet (eyes on you, YouTube) as I tend to find the amount of content in circulation completely overwhelming. However, when a friend told me about a spoken word piece about higher education that had gone viral, I was keen to check it out. Not expecting much, perhaps a rant on the ridiculous cost of fees, I plugged in the headphones and tuned in. Inspired by a previous piece 'Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus' (a very interesting debate that's also worth a watch), creater Suli Breaks incorporates an eclectic mix of poetic fluidity and a slightly brash London accent. Perfectly edited in an under-graduate, under-budget sort of way, Breaks brings poetry back to the 21st century in a modern, but intelligent, way. Definitely worth a watch (here).

This has been the week that; I braved a Spring dress despite the snow, spent mornings in bed revising lost Economics knowledge, discovered a new Italian deli in the heart of East London and had a Spring clean to the ultimate max...

I decided it was perfectly acceptable to wear my white, pleated Forever 21 dress to a lecture on Wednesday morning. As much as I'd like to lie and tell you I wasn't aware of the weather... I was. Not only had I watched the ITV daybreak weather report, I also spent a large majority of my morning staring out the window. The cold and chances of snow were bearable - I'd soon be in my warm lecture theatre with a cup of coffee in hand - however, it was the ferocious winds that were to be my biggest enemy. Let me tell you now, pleats and wind don't mix, especially if your hands are full with folders and bags. 

With that fiasco over, I later headed into Westfield Stratford to do my usual browse and grocery shop after my seminar. Feeling rather peckish, I hunted down a little Italian deli called Arancini hidden in the European Food Court. They do an incredible array of cannoli, pastries and amaretti, not to mention fantastically strong coffee. I settled on a cappuccino and chocolate croissant, of course, but they also do a selection of sandwiches made with freshly baked herb focaccia. Find them here.

Finally, this morning I woke up incredibly early (BBC two had yet to come off nightscreen, can you believe it). I thought I'd make good use of this time as no one was in, and do a huge spring clean. As I'm sure you know, I'm a little (ahem) anal when it comes to cleaning, once I start I become quite obsessive and sometimes end up on my hands and knees scrubbing at little sections of the kitchen floor like a complete loon. Luckily, no one was around to see me this morning... So I put on the music and went to town vacuuming, scrubbing, bleaching, washing clothes and, of course, doing the obligatory ballroom dancing with the broomstick. To me, this is the ultimate therapy!

Red, red lips to brighten up the day

Pleated dress (pre=windswept)

As a true Marxist would say - 'Knowledge is Power'

Little break from the real world with LivingEtc, Deluxe and a cappuccino!

Foamy goodness

A small glimpse of the freshly baked sandwiches, cakes and treats
Spring Clean!


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