Seaside dips, bikini afternoons and 3 jugs of Pimms

I spent this weekend at my boyfriends.. knowing temperatures were going to reach an excess of 26 degrees, I packed shorts, a maxi skirt and a bikini. Needless to say they all came in handy. 

On Saturday we ate a nandos in the sunshine (I kept reminiscing about Greece!) then went for a walk around Castle Park. Everyone I could see was embracing the sun - picnics, sunhats and blankets galore. Saturday night we had fillet steaks and salad after an afternoon of sunbathing and countless glasses of Pimms. We stretched out in bed to watch The Last King of Scotland (Pete kept telling me off for trying to conduct background research on Idi Amin throughout) before he fell asleep!

On Sunday we had breakfast (poached eggs for Pete and wheatabix with banana for me!) before seeing Luca and jack... Who introduced himself before promptly asking me to put on his sandals for him.

In the mid-mornig we headed off to Frinton beach (which was packed!) and had ham salad rolls, traditional ice cream and took a stroll along the beach front. We sunbathed for a little on the towel before heading off again for a barbecue at home. In between this, we popped very to Fay and Bob's to say hello and see their flooded house... We watched the Wimbledon and saw bob's veg patch which was nice.

After filling up on burgers and (burnt to a crisp but delicious) sausages, we went to see World War Z. 

Last night (Sunday) Pete was ill duringthe  night and spent a lot of time sat with his head in the sink. After drifting back off again, he woke this morning at half 7 and decided to sleep in and go to work late. So here I am, cappuccino in hand sat on the 11.12 train back to Stratford. It's 24 degrees and I'm in a maxi skirt and a bag  packed with People magazine and shorts. Lovely!


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