Eye of the Tiger

I've come to learn that a change needs to happen soon - I'm just too nice. Yep, there we are, in all it's raw patheticness, I've said it. My mother reminded me that sometimes in life, kindness is mistaken for weakness. Which is how I've landed up here... £300 down, waiting on 11 months worth of tv licence payments, a broken bed, no keys, a toilet-seatless bathroom, bags of unwanted food and a dusty floor. 

It's lead me to think I need to take a leaf out of Katy Perry, Tulisa or Angelina Jolie's books - I need to embrace my inner female boss. I'm afraid of looking like 'the bitch' - looking like I'm uptight, too strict, a complainer. But really, is that worse than being walked over and taken advantage of?

Gone are the days of ending money without setting a clear repayment program in sight. Gone are the hours spent doing someone else's cleaning, someone else's chores, marking, errands, dirty-work or ticking off someone else's to-do lists. Things I can do to actively do to help become a female boss:

  • Expressing your own opinion and feelings.
  • Saying "no" without feeling guilty.
  • Setting your own priorities i.e. choosing how you spend your time.
  • Asking for what you want.
  • Being able to take reasonable risks.
  • Choosing not to assert yourself at times when you feel it would be better not to say anything.


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