Autumn Wishlist

One minute it felt like I was basking in sunlight, sipping lemonade and taking sporadic dips in the salt water to cool down - the next, I'm rushing frantically down corridors trying to find my lecture theatre. We landed less than 24 hours ago, huddling up from the cold fog that wrapped around London during the night. Suitcases lying unemptied as we busied ourselves with the real world. My afternoon lazily consisting of food shopping, washing, pinterest and booking birthday arrangements. After this morning's fiasco of sitting through a level 1 introduction, and having to manically uncover my lecture theatre... I'm equipped with half of the information I need for the rest of the semester - I know coursework dates and a week-by-week itinerary. 

Summer seems so close, but so far away... I haven't really accepted that it's autumn yet, but the English weather won't let me forget that this week, I'm sure. Without any holidays on the card, my mind is looking for the next thing to become fixated on: And October is such a busy month for me: Three Birthdays (Pete, Helen and Soph!), coursework prep and my birthday planning. There are some things I want to do whilst Autumn passes and winter wraps it's icy fingers around us...

  •  Go for a long walk through the countryside in my wellies - picking the last of the summer fruit and chasing conckers 
  • Movie night with lame scary movies and buttery popcorn
  • Go wooly-jumper hunting for a flattering but practical winter sweater
  • Master 'The Londoner's' Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate for a lazy night in 
  • Carve pumpkins (competitive!) 
  • Learn to make apple cinnamon turnovers
  • Fill the house with scented candles, baking, cozy blankets and lanterns
  • Plan a super fun halloween party at mine - blood martinis, scary food, films, sweeties and pjyamas!


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