I watched the morning break through the trees and out along an endless expanse of green. Being back in the countryside has the tendency to make me feel so small at times. I wonder if years from now, in the routine that life brings, I'll forget what it's like to miss something with an ache that runs through my bones. Somehow, I hope the feeling returns once in a while to remind me how important some things are, and how bigger space they hold inside me.

The past weekend has been peaceful, with old faces, roast dinners, dog walking and far too much homemade cake. I may feel like I've out on fifteen stone, but our late summer holiday is all booked. Drunken wailing on Saturday night reminds me why it's never a good idea to go over five glasses. 

Dreams of Australia and the golden coast bring me to ground of how much hard work is needed to get there. It all seems such a whirl right now - what to do and where to start. An interior design diploma over summer 2014 looks on the cards right now... But so does buying a house, a car and one big trip to Ikea. I don't want to end up having it all, settled in a job and no spontaneity. In life it's so important to keep moving on, seeing every corner of the world, and never letting things get monotonous for too long. 


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