Baby, It's Cold Outside

(If you get the Dean Martin reference here, I applaud you).

 Not much beats a lazy night in when it's cold outside. All it really calls for is a good cup of coffee (or glass of wine!), soft pyjamas and something to get engrossed in. Last night me and Pete discovered Luther - a BBC crime drama set in London... we ended up watching the whole of season 1. I'm not even sorry: It was incredible. We've always been into crime thrillers (cue Prisoners, The Take, What Remains... etc etc etc) but thought it'd be fun to get into another series. Okay, perhaps "get into" is an understatement, but we resisted finishing off season 2 in case season 3 doesn't come out for an excruciatingly long time. 

To snuggle on down into Luther, and after a tiring day shopping at Lakeside, I slipped into my H&M comfies (here) and put on the coffees. We munched naughtily on Pic'n'Mix and took (greedy) turns to give massages. Perfect night if you ask me. So I've compiled some of my favorite night in ensembles - complelte with sweet treats and fluffy blankets...


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