Life Lately

2 birthdays

3 mince pies
1 football match in wellies
2 glasses of Pimms
1 shark dive
1 giant plate of seafood
2 train journeys
1 Boxster
3 glasses of Sunday wine
1 letter

This weekend was a foodie blur of birthday cake, mince pies, seafood spaghetti, sunday roast, fresh baguettes and more quality street than the Mackintosh household. Admittedly, I spent a lot of time splahing in wellies and sludging around in a dressing gown, not so couthe. Too much wine and not enough sleep makes for a sleepy sunday watching films and eating with people I love. After watching Joe's first match back with Great Bentley (for me, more rainbow watching and snuggling into my big coat), we readied ourselves for an evening dinner out. 

If you think you've been for a good authentic Italian (excluding daddy D'angelo's)- you've never been to Franco's. It's an independent, family run restaurant with a handwritten menu that utilizes the finest local produce. What more could you really want?
You sit and order a glass of wine while browsing over the menu (this is a good way to get a few drinks down without having to be rushed through a meal). Then, after ordering, you take your seats and let the chefs do their magic... I opted for the parma ham and melon, followed by seafood spaghetti and lashing of white wine. My spaghetti came out in the biggest plate (dish... it was a casserole dish) lavished with lobster, scallops, king prawns, mussels, clams and shripm. Big by even my standards. 
I was too full to order dessert - but tucked into a slice of cake with coffee while we watched Django Unchained. We went to bed in the best possible way - warm, full and wholly satisfied.  


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