St James Park was just too beautiful today not to store these memories on here. Some days, little corners of London are fresh and new to me, like a child exploring the forest I just walk with no intentions, wherever my feet, camera and the sun take me. Today I passed men outside parliament participating in a hunger strike, ate hot spiced soup in the sunshine, laughed with strangers and took far too many pictures. Two lovers, heavy with age, walked arm in arm beside the lake (I took their picture as they had passed and smiled to myself). The sun was hot and tangible on my skin, reminding me of the winter to come - but perhaps, one day soon a life in the heat. I lost myself in the faces of strangers, and in a few tourist moments, wished my not-so-stranger was there with me. Green park trees that soured high and make me feel so small. Layers on layers of Zara scarves, nude point flats, leather and my Lumix. 


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