Misadventures in Brick Lane

After plans fell through last night, me and A still decided we wanted to go out for drinks (nothing to do with new winter wardrobe pieces, promise) so we finished our wine at home, and headed out for Brick Lane. The evening was so cold that we had scarves wrapped tightly around our necks, but we persevered with the promise of a warm, bohemian bar at the other end. Once we'd got to The Hookah Lounge, we browsed over the menu and were taken back by the huge selection of authentic spiced teas. So, with cocktails thrown into the wind, we ordered lemon verbena and peppermint tea... followed by blood orange and himilayan spice tea (the adorable little cups meant we could sample so much of the selection). On the side we had pitta with tatziki, and joined by bar staff Adam and Henry, shared a good evening of conversation and laughs. It was nice to go out into London, taste more of a bohemian atmosphere, and be back in bed, filled with hot tea, by 11pm.


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