Home away from Home...

 I've been so excited the past week I've barely had time to sit down. We've viewed, bid for and had our offer accepted on the house in Barrell Close all within a fortnight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong from this stage, but the solicitor is in place an we've been for our (two hour..!) mortgage application appointment this morning. At this rate, we're looking to move in within the next six to eight weeks. I can't help but pin everything home-related - whilst Pete is obsessing over what to do with the garden and conservatory.

Over the weekend me and Pete went back to Warwickshire for my mum and sister's birthdays. It's always so refreshing to go home and breathe the forgiving country air. Friday night we had chicken and Mediterranean vegetables, followed by house talks and evening television. On saturday, we had a well overdue lie in and cooked breakfast. In the evening, we joined a table of 15 for A's birthday meal at The Lazy Cow. (I had rib-eye steak and Pete had fillet steak - both laced with too much champagne and wine). We spent the evening dancing to the band and people-watching while we drowned, still, in more ice bucket beverages. 

The kind of colour scheme I've been looking at for the house is mink, lattes, blush, dove greys, ivory and hessian. My ideas for the study go further than this, into something more modern, but our main concerns are focusing on the big things first! We have starting appliances (hoover, kettle, toaster, microwave... But I can't seem to pry myself away from lighting and textiles just yet.


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