I dream of sea views and fresh flowers. Golden sunshine, blue skies and ironed bed sheets. I dream of a song stuck on repeat, of driving down the motorway with the windows down at 90mph. Of sticky tagliatelli and days set aside to explore new cities. 

I dream of soft hair, banoffee cheesecake, freshly cut grass and new lingerie. Amaretti biscuits, french manicures and the haziness of drunken hot nights... Rooftop terraces, tan lines, shimmering bronzer, taking off in the aeroplane. I dream of new lipstick and old friends, a good book, national trusts, picnic hampers, smooth legs, food burnt on the barbeque. 

I dream of new perfume, sandy bum cheeks, lemons, crushed ice, lavender, bubble baths, coral nail polish, massages, cinema popcorn and tortoiseshell glasses. I dream of sunny mornings, smooth coffee, dvd nights, 


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