The Graduate Pit

Thrown in with the lions. From retail to childcare to 3 exams for a 6 hour part time temporary stockroom contract. Day to day searches, unsuitable criteria. Experience loophole. Australia please hurry. 

House-chores, running errands (Dunelm curtains, washing and drying, holiday packing, changing sheets, painting the post-fireplace-patch). Waiting to watch Homeland S3 and Happy Valley. For Max to arrive and have steak pie with chips and vegetables. Oh shit, veg. For waxes and bodyscrubs and then finally sunshine.

Grey weather - raining all week. Belting to Frank Sinatra and Sia in the car. Lakeside trips x2. Dinner with H tomorrow. Pinning, always pinning. New shorts and new bikini and new bag and new shoes and not-so-new overdrawn balance. 

The most pure things are still the best. Sunshine mornings, croissants and jam, the sound of the birds, salty hair and sandy feet, swimming in endless blue. Hen-speckled skin, dark from the greek sun and afternoon exploring in caves. Camera clicks and clean white sheets.

Hannah gale blog. Little Peeps nursery. Sia Chandelier. Kim K wedding. Make up tutorials. Face serum. 


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