Life lately...

Things have been slow around here lately. Nights are spent watching films, drinking hot coffee with biscuits, eating ice cream and making sandwiches for the next day lunch. I start my first day at work tomorrow, so have a stomach full of those nervous kind of butterflies. The good ones. 

Today we cleaned the whole house from head to toe - we're starting to feel like such a proper team getting into the swing of sharing jobs and making tedious tasks fun. I hardly stop smiling with him around. Because we were so low on food (as I've been back in Warwickshire and the kitchen was being ripped to shreds) we both had granola cereal with mixed dry fruits and almond milk for breakfast - unusual for a Sunday where the whole house is filled with the smell of coffee and bacon. We had one hundred jobs to do before heading out- that included bleaching, sweeping, scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming almost every room. After this we went to Dunelm and one thing lead to another and we found ourselves having to put the back seats down in order to fit everything in the car. Whoops. Another trip food shopping and some quality Sunday blog/football/couch time together before settling down to eat one almighty pasta bake... Now it's time for kid's films and ice cream! Eep.

Raspberry white chocolate deliciousness on a hot Saturday afternoon 
Nutella and fresh fruit waffles for breakfast 
Back home and seeing my favourite faces 
Long long overdue coffee and gossip with S
Work in progress- open plan kitchen/dining room 
 Sunday naughtiness at Costa 


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