Cocktails, Wedding bells and Leamington Spa

I've never felt so old and so young in twenty four hours. Driving cross country to see my friends and family, dinner in a high end bar- champagne cocktails, seafood and a liquid dessert, playing tug of war with the cocktail list. 
We draped warm toes and dinner shoes to Leamington Spa - Duke brought back unnervingly exciting memories of my wild youth - bars and clubs escorted in by unfamiliar faces. Leamington used to be my home, but now it greets me with seventeen year olds at the gates. 

We slept side by side, myself and Soph, cracking old jokes that never age. Husky laughter, soft duvets and fresh towels of another home. Each time we meet I never want to return home. 

Sunday afternoon was laced with sunny skies, dazzling green views and canopies. We laughed about old friends, new loves and shrugged off some very odd mentions of wedding bells. My mum spends too much time at other women's weddings. I still think time to time about the years ahead - it still terrifies me to the core- I am only twenty one and I'm still babied by my daddy. Nachos, orange juice and hair cuts. I'm still figuring this whole adult thing out... 



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