Losing Track of Time

I can't believe another week has escaped me, and it's Saturday again. The past few days have been a blur of stock chasing, updating dates, product creation (Zalto, Sluiz Ibiza, Ferm Living), liaising with new suppliers, dress debates, deep bellied laughter and more pizza than I could ever have eaten.

They too have been testing for Pete, who - in such a short month - is working today to reach targets and tie loose ends. I wish I could bleed peace into him at night when he is restless, we need this holiday to hurry up badly. I could feel him fidgeting under blankets while we watched The Pursuit of Happiness last night. It's good for him to go in today to take the load of work piling up off his mind when night comes. We're due to meet Billy, Brad, Simon and their girlfriends later for dinner (at 9.15?!) so today will be customising my jumpsuit and staving off hunger until evening time. More than likely, it will also see Colchester shops, housework, Starbucks coffee and gel nails. 

Three things:

- New Hamam beach towels that came through the post. One sailer blue and beige, the other dusty red and white. Dreaming of these teamed with black sunnies, wicker beach bag, gleaming white swimsuit and a deep tan.

- Payday (and last night's reminder that we don't live paycheck to paycheck, struggling to get by). It's made me appreciate the capacity to comfortably pay bills.

- The girls who make my job more than bareable 


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