Spiralser, White Dresses and Coconut Oil

I can taste my need for adventure as we do our weekly shop, as i am loading the cupboards and making rocket and ham pittas for lunch. When I am watching mid week TV, when I am loading the washing machine, when I am driving to work. 

Me and Soph drink wine on the Friday night, black rose and pepper candlelit in between laughter and self pity and my God, it feels good not to be alone in this. Shopping, coffee, dinner reservations, 12th Note, wine, string lights, seafood, Gone Girl, Mac, hot tub, Yo Sushi. 

I found a dress of dreams, white off the shoulder. With vamp lips and tan skin. I am dreaming about Thai Raman soup, sunshine afternoons, chubby baby legs, road tripping, coconut oil legs, Aesop bottle, Neom candles, long hair, low lights, surviving until America, making plans, pink lillies, croissants, sushi, blue suits, good heels. 


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