- Breakfast at Cafe 19; Eggs Benedict, Full English, Cappuccino and Latte - First time this year putting the washing on the line - Hugo Boss shirt, grey blazer, brown belt, shoes and Tag. Pink duster, black cropped trousers, black long sleeve t shirt, open toe sandals - Seeing Fay before going to Leonard's - Waiting for Joe to download Grimsby - Still obsessing over Five Star Babies - Looking at holidays non-stop - Massages - Checking flights to Italy for August - Dad driving down in a few hours, hopefully the weather stays mild so we can go cockling in Mersea, visit Wivenhoe, eat fish and chips, make a big dinner and watch a crappy film before bed -

- Dreaming about tanned skin, white sand, evenings on the bike, sparkly silver jewellery, big bunches of white flowers, baby clothes, Thai food. Puppies, sugarless coffee, body oils and face serums, tufted headboards, mauve nails, tie-front tops and dresses, block heel sandals. -


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