Second Year - First Day of University!

I've recently started my second year at the University of East London - I study combined honors of Journalism with Media and absolutely love it... It's a strange mix of fashion, current affairs, photojournalism, academic studies, exploring the media and ethics/law. I am an overly-organized and pretty anal learner, tending to keep all my 'essential' belongings hoarded around me as some sort of Learning-Zone fort. These include my post-it notes (more useful than everybody seems to think!) a cup of coffee (finding out my lecture theatre now has a Starbucks outside has made my life and consumed my instagram!) spare pens (very anal) and usually some form of snack like biscuits or raisins or a banana! As lecture theatres are very crammed and often you're pretty much sitting on top of other students, I occasionally get some angry elbows or grumpy sighs when I bring out the ol' Learning fort!

pre-lecture coffee and catch-up! (yes that is one of my cupcakes... somebody's got to eat them!)

New Starbucks outside my lecture theatre... HALLELUJAH 

Little natter to my mumma to calm my excitement before learning began

My new flat in London is about ten minutes walking distance from uni (lucky) and overlooks the river thames off the balcony (very lucky). The flat, which I share with two friends from uni, is on the Docklands and has become my new little home - which I didn't really think was possible as I'm a small-village girl from Warwickshire who's lived in the same house all my life! 

On my first day of uni I was over-excited, as usual, and ended up writing the date before we'd even left the flat. There was probably a gargantuan line of students smoking and milling around outside the East Building that morning who were desperately trying to hold off uni for a few more minutes: I'm sure they were confused and appalled by my frantic smile and repulsive eagreness to get my coffee and get into class. I don't think there's anything better than writing on the first page of a new notepad - it's almost therapeutic, do you not think?


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