What I Wore Today (Catch-Up)

As this blog is new (I previously used Tumblr, and still regularly do but not for text blogs) I seem to have far too much to talk about for my first few posts! For my first day of uni I dressed quite relaxed... It's a good idea not to frighten new students with excessive studs/tyedye t shirts/showing your bum in tiny shorts on the first few days, first impressions and all that!

I brought a new knitted scarf (snood) recently and it has taken over my life - it's so soft and now that we're getting into colder winter weather, provides a bit of warmth without making me look like a horrendous sweaty mess when I rock up to my lecture! As well as this, it pretty much goes with all my over-worn outfits (leather leggings, Topshop jeans, white shirts...) which makes it so easy to throw on if I'm in a rush or can't decide what to wear.

American Apparel Stripped T-Shirt - £23
Next Rose Gold Watch - £22
Topshop Leigh Jeans (Navy) - £38
Primark Knitted Snood - £4
Primark Leopard Print Flats - £6

Topshop Striped Shirt - £28
H&M Leather Leggings - £7 (old)
Primark Black Flats - £6
Storm Black Bag - £20

Usual partners in crime for lectures! 

For uni, I generally tend to wear clothes that are a 70/30 balance between dressy and casual... Some days I'm feeling it (shirt, statement necklaces, bright lipstick...) and some days I look like the spawn of the Elephant Man and a potato (leggings, baggy t shirt, plastic bag over my head). To be honest these days are very rare, I'm a big girly-girl and I am obsessed with the latest cosmetic products, beauty ranges, lipsticks, blushers, the whole shabang so it's very rare to actually see me on a truly slouched-down day unless I'm super late and rushed and look like a big ball of ugly.


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