Sunshine Lunch

Today I headed out to Marble Arch to meet my mum for lunch. Now that I live in London I only really ever get to see my mum once or twice a month for a weekend stretch, which means less mumsy-lunches and treat days unfortunately! She came down today because her hubby went to watch Arsenal play a home match so she hopped along... I met her at M&S and we had a lovely little terrace-lunch as it was quite sunny. For lunch, I settled on the bakewell tart and it was scrumptious! We also had triangle sandwiches (being triangles makes them so much tastier, right?) and I had a cappuccino while my mum had a flat white.

It was so good to have a big catch up over some sunshine lunch, and we spend a long time having a big browse through Selfridges afterwards to "walk off our lunch". After that, we headed off down Park Lane and took a stroll to Hyde Park Corner on the way back to my apartment.

I know it's so cliche, but you really do only realise how much you miss everybody from home when you move for the first time. As a small-village girl growing up I've pretty much been used to seeing the same faces day-in-day-out and, as a result, got quite ungrateful for it. Now anytime I get to spend with my mum, sister, dad and best friends is more precious than ever!


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