This week I'm lusting...

Recently, I've been having the mother of all wardrobe dilemma's... I want to get rid of a good 80% of my clothes and replace them with statement pieces (I'm thinking winter coats, zara trousers, shirts, statement necklaces, a few key tea-dresses and a selection of chiffon scarves...) However, everytime I see a piece I like, I see another 25 things to fill up my wardrobe alongside my old junk! I need to have a day where I am completely ruthless and just bag everything up.

At the moment, I'm besotted by soft nudes and layering winter textures over more silky/light clothes. I'm finding myself lusting over clothes that are less grungy/tough and more girly and sweet, a contrast from what I've been wearing for most of the summer!

(l-r) Vanessa Bruno Silk & Lace Dress (£145)
River Island Grey Jumper (£32)
Elie Saab Body Cream (£53)
Smythson Runway-Textured Leather Notebook (£84)
Topshop Black Leather Zip Boots (£56)
Benefit High Beam Highlighter (£16)
I am a huge fan of wearing highlighter/shimmer blusher in the winter as I think it adds that much-needed 'glow' in the colder months and can be used to contour and define your cheekbones and beneath the eyebrows. The Smythson Journal is something I've wanted for quite a while now; As a person who is obsessed with writing, I think it would be my perfect accompniment - my partner in crime! The sunglasses are a complete guilty pleasure (I know, shame on me) but how can you say no to that cat-eye design!? And who knows, somebody might suddenly whisk me off for a mini-break to the Greek Islands, then they'll be more of a necessity, right?


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