Regent St

Yesterday, I headed off into central to meet my sister for dinner and a big catch up: As I have Wednesday's off, I met her after she finished her lesson at four. Although she was a bit late (as usual) and I had made it from Camden to Charing Cross in the time it took her to reach Hammersmith from her apartment, she arrived in a flurry of apologies and proceeded to tell me all about her law course. It's been so handy to have her living in London this year, instead of me train-hopping all the way back to Warwickshire every time I wanted a coffee-fueled-magazine-and-clothes-swap!

We met at Embankment and went for a wander through the bustling streets, tripping up over our own sentences with too much to say, dodging in and out of clothes shops and having a general giggle over boyfriends and memories. For dinner we shared a ham and sweetcorn pizza and a large salad, sat looking over the entrance to Covent Garden to do what we do best: people watch! It seemed to get dark  pretty early, so after google-mapping our way to the nearest Kurt Geiger, we got cosy in Regent St Starbucks and sat in the window seats with coffees.

After a good hour of discussing finances, clothes, boys, budgeting, laundry and christmas, we went our separate ways back to our little flats: stuffed from too much chocolate and too excited for winter.

Little bit of Liberty's Heaven

Pre-Christmas excitement for the lights!

White Cafe Mocha and Cinnamon Latte with a Chocolate Muffin: Perfection!


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