10 reasons to be happy this month

1.  Red Velvet Cupcakes... 
My new obsession! I had no idea I was addicted to these babies until I tired one from The Cupcake Bakehouse in Covent Garden (seriously bad window shopping for dieters, but OH so delicious!)

2. A Booked Holiday!
Me and my boyfriend are teaming up with his brother and girlfriend this coming summer. We'll be dipping our feet into the Greek Island sea of Crete! While there, we will be staying at The Island Hotel (which boasts a tennis court, four poster sun beds and is 200m from the beach!). It'll be my first child-free, couple only holiday! I'm so excited!

3. Lazy nights in fluffy blankets
Although this has been an ongoing occurrence throughout the end of 2012, it's only now, after all the festivities, that i've fully come to appreciate the long nights in! Movie nights, bowls of muesli with berries, scrolling through blogs and doing a lot of reading - perfection!

4. Fresh flowers!
I'm a huge huge huge fan of flowers, whether they be in the garden, on a coffee table, or in window boxes. My general style throughout my apartment is very neutral (lots of white, dark grey and wood) so flowers add the perfect amount of colour and life into the room! Well worth the investment per month.

5. Fruit Tea
Strawberry, mango, cranberry, lemon, ginger, elderflower, blackcurrant.... you name it. I have recently developed a slight obession for them! My favourites are Marks and Spencer's Strawberry and Raspberry, and Costa's Gngersnap and Peach. More hydrating than coffee, so deliciously satisfying and warms you up a treat during these cold days

6. The Sales!
Sale on Victoria's Secret underwear??? I am there. In some shops, the sales make me feel claustrophobic and confused (fingers pointing at you, New Look), however, on the whole, I love them. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I always manage to dig out some amazing item from the sales, for a fraction of the original cost - my best advice is to swoop in early and dig deep!

7. Chilled Wine
Although I promised myself I would watch what I ate this year (up until summer anyway! Hello beach body pleaaase) I am still allowing myself the OCCASIONAL glass of wine. Which, in fact, has made them even more delicious during a special occasion. My favourites would be between either white pinot grigio or rose zinfandel.

8. Bubble baths (especially ones run by my boyfriend!)
There's nothing better on a long evening than slipping into a hot bubble bath, with added candles of course. While staying at my boyfriend's last week, he surprised me with this lovely bath while I was sat watching Call The Midwife with his mum. It was such a romantic little gesture that I wasn't expecting - I'm pretty sure I almost welled up!

9. Countryside Walks

I always miss the countryside so much when I'm back in London. The open air, smell of damp leaves and the giant expanse of fields. No better way to combat the Warwickshire blues than a dog walk with my mum on my return! Whack out the Hunters and thick socks and I'm already there!
10. Spending time with my favorite boy in the world
Wow, how cliche. But this January (and christmas/new year holidays) meant he got more time off than usual... It's been so nice to spend days with his when his phone isn't constantly ringing with clients and colleges. Not the forget the insane roasts that his mum cooks up for us on Sunday's. She even buys christmas pudding especially since she found out it was my favorite. If that isn't the most adorable thing ever, I'm not sure what is.

(All photos sourced from Tumblr)


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