New Beginning?

This week has been slugging along like any other (in fact, yesterday I even mistakenly spoke for at least 20 minutes about it being the weekend tomorrow... My boyfriend didn't even correct me). However, today I have had some good news that has sent me boy fist-pumping with joy and wracking with anxiety at the same time. This Friday I have a job interview in Charring Cross and - the bet bit - if I get the job, i can pick my own hours each fortnight. Perfect for my ridiculous schedule. I have my fingers, and toes crossed.

Besides this, I have planted daffodils on the balcony (am I becoming an old lady?) and done some very organised valentines day purchases. I've been trying to keep healthy for the past few weeks, all is going well so far- although my sides ache from stretching with the weights. Hey ho, no pain no gain!


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