Revelation on the 10.38 to Warwick Parkway

I'm currently sat on the train heading homeward bound with an abundance of bags and Marie Claire to keep me company.

Over these past few days I've come to realise that blogging isn't just a hobby of mine, it's sort of maybe in a really not scary-psycho way, a kind of therapy? The online sphere has become a sort of public diary over the months/years I've been using it. I look back on posts from previous blogs (cue cringing) but always end up smiling as I read through them. I guess they're markers of how I truly feel at the time and how I'm becoming the person I am today. I did a lot (a LOT) of writing throughout high school and sixth form and intend to keep the books forever... There are scribbles of forgotten boys who I felt a war in my rib cage in the moment, but now I look back and see it was all a part of growing up.

My 'big' problems back then seem so insignificant now. Which is what I hope to achieve with this blog: a sort of journal of my thoughts, aspirations, problems, everyday curiosities and my ongoing hunger for something a little bigger and a challenge a little harder.

So... As I've weighed up the bigger picture in my mind, I think I'm finally starting to see what I want in life. And for once, I can say with a huge smile on my face, that everything right now is absolutely peachy!


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