This week I'm loving...

1. Big, bulky, chunky knits! The sudden splurge of snow (don't need to remind you, there's not a person in the uk who hasn't heard..) means that we all get to pull out our huge knitted scarves, jumpers and cardigans and wrap up well and truly warm. My favourite is the maroon snood from topshop

2. Catching Fire. I'm a big (cue cringe) Hunger Games fan and read through the books in record time in my fresher year. I came across the books again and decided to re-read the second because I almost flew through it the first time.. I'm so glad I did!

3. Pink lipsticks. Especially with grey knit on these freezing winter days... Can never go wrong with a bit of pink!

4. Honey, lemon and salt baths... No I'm not going mad! My new obsession is using a mixture of honey and raw egg as a hair mask, as well as rubbing lemon onto my finger nails and cuticles. Also, exfoliating with salt gives the beach fresh skin look at a fraction of the cost and chemicals of high street scrubs.

5. My Topshop Geek tee. Big big fan! Perfect length and completely overworn during my time skiing! I can't get enough...

6. Twinings Fruit Tea. OBSESSED, that's really all I can say right now, as a girl who's never drank a cup of tea in her life

7. Benefit 'They're Real'. So long and lustrous, leaves my lashes looking crazy thick and curly! Although I do have a problem getting it off some nights at it never fully dries and is quite sticky

8. Last but not least, Lush's Mint Julips. I'm a huge Lushie and can't get enough of their products, but even during the -6 temperatures of the apls I managed to maintain big kissable lips by exfoliating them with this every night and morning... Perfect!


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