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This weekend is set to be a whirlwind. I am really not looking forward to it.. I know it's terribly ungrateful to say, but now that I've come close to getting the perfectly flexible (not to mention better paid) job, I'm trying to run away from responsibilities as fast as possible!

Today's interview (stage one) went pretty well. Bar the pre-arrival jitters (okay, mild panic attack) I had quite a good time, everyone seemed relaxed and friendly. We had to complete a questionnaire with the most outrageously complex questions... "Who is the president of Syria?" And "what is negative equity?" Say what. After this, we had separate scripted assessments which resulted in a phone call while I was on the bus confirming I got through!

Just tomorrow to get through before I can (semi) relax and start being paid!

My first pay check is definitely going on a Marc Jacobs watch...
Or Mulberry purse...
God help me.

(Images: Strawberries and Cream/Melonade at Bubbleology.. Lunch out with J.. And pudding! Sunshine by Ben.. My beloved baby!.. Peach an ginger tea accompanied by Marie Claire... Instagramming my new Forever21 Silk Pj's, never want to take them off!)


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