The first sunshine in months...

Here in Britain, if there's one thing we know how to talk about; it's the weather. Rain, rain, cloud, more rain... It's pretty much just droneless complaining and poor attempts at small talk (we all know we're guilty). As the weather is always pretty much the same (terrible), the tiniest ray of sunshine is a big - BIG - deal. Raincoats and umbrellas are cast away and out come the spring jackets and sunglasses.

Yes, jumper, scarf and sunglasses... that was me.

In London, the temperature is always a little bit warmer than the countryside, almost like the buildings and people provide their own mini climate. I definitely felt it today in Stratford. I welcomed the well overdue vitamin D with open arms after a winter of heavy snow and gale force winds!

 The sun just trrrrrrrying to peak through my windowsill this morning! Half burnt candles and photoframes scatter the apartment giving a really lived-in touch
My new baby sitting loud and proud on my bedside table! In love!

Leisurely read on my day off... Soy cappuccino and fruit bread. Note the sunglasses making their first appearance in months!

Still not warm enough to forego my scarf or jacket... Do hurry up spring!

Tea-time shopping in Westfield Organics food market. Delicious selection of freshly baked bread!

Come summer the British population will undoubtably go wild and men will roam the streets topless while women throw their picnic blankets over moist grass. Still... with a week on a Greek island approaching in June, I can't complain.... Not even about the topless middle aged men.

How do you guys spend your days off?


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