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This week, we were asked during a Journalism lecture to plan our career paths... Gulp
While some people know instinctively what they want to do from the age of six, I've always been a little- let me just sayyyy- fickle.
I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up! I feel as though all this pressure suddenly mounts up when education providers hitch up their glasses and ask " how are you going to achieve this?"

Throughout high school I had stereotypical aspirations of being a fashion designer... An actress... And a cognitive researcher (okay maybe not all of us). It wasn't until going to uni and undertaking a degree that I really had to think about a be-all-and-end-all career path. Which, by the way, still scares me so much.

The truth is, I don't want to conjure up some dream about becoming a journalist only to face a decade of disappointing realities: meeting deadlines, working in an office, and writing I unpassionately about how pipe lines in British railways can help irrigate water to prevent flooding.

You see my problem?

Instead, I woke up this morning and thought of all the things in life I want to so and achieve..... Nothing that you learn in school. So here's my list so far!

1. Travel the world
There are so many places to explore and it excites me to no end that we are living in a world where we can reach the furthest corners of he globe in no longer than a day. On my hardest days at uni, my most unmotivated days at work, and the real stuck-in-a-rut situations, I always remember that there is nothing stopping me packing my bags right now and leaving. In reality things aren't that simple, but a bit of an Eat Pray Love mentality is needed here! (See 'places I want to visit' coming soon)

2. Pursue my love of interior design in some shape or form. If I had to pick a career option, this would definitely be it. I love all aspects of interior decor and design and whether or not this is the sector I end up working in, I'd like to at least pursue as a hobby... Perhaps even renting out done-ups flats in order to sell on for a small profit. You get the gist.

3. Become a baking pro! I'm a big cooking and baking enthusiast... The only hitch? I'm not very good at it! Although, I've been assures by who dad (who used to be a head chef) that practice makes perfect and I just need to keep baking lobsided and crunchy cakes to get to the Nigella standard!

4. Do something to make a difference. Not just an office job or average employee, running errands for the boss's assistant... I'm taking something bigger than that. Something like working with underprivileged communities in third world countries over a summer, or organising a fund raising event for hundreds of people, or even something like collaborating with a minor celebrity. Something wholeheartedly cv worthy and to be proud of!

5. Have a family. Get engaged, married and buy a house! Once I'm doing with my exploring and my travel bug is satisfied, I'd like to settle down in a countryside house with a family. Think routine, evening meals around the table and Christmas decorating, family round for tea and days off in coffee shops and on long dog walks.


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