5 reasons to be happy this week

1. Although it may not feel it right now (and trust me, I hear you...) this weather can't, and won't, last forever. Spring is around the corner, I promise! So now is the time to start dusting off those open toe sandals, fishing out the light blazers and make storage space for the Uggs. You'll thank me later. To speed up what may feel like an eternity of cold, grey skies, I've resorted to lighting my Pecksniff's Seaside Memories candle (check them out here) and bringing a bit of the great outdoors inside with some yellow carnations. Because yellow is a happy colour and we're slowly getting towards the sun, comprende? So try adding some extra bubbles to your next bath, or getting up thirty minutes earlier for breakfast and a magazine in bed to make your day a little brighter.


2. Finding a good book. As a child, I was never particularly interested in reading fiction. I would listen to C. S. Lewis' The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe on tape at bedtime, but never sat down immersed in a book. That all changed around the age of 16 when I read To Kill A Mockingbird, is that the biggest cliche? I still enjoy it to this day (and took it skiing with me in January!). Ever since, I can think of nothing better than getting in bed with a coffee and losing myself in a book. This week (and amidst my current quarter-life-crisis) I picked up a copy of Cantwell's Be A Free Range Human (here). It managed to perfectly summarise all my biggest dreams and ambitions in the synopsis, and by the first page I was hooked. Have you ever read one of those books that just 'gets' you?

3. Easter is approaching - and we all know what that means. Easter eggs, Lindt bunnies, hot cross buns, lemon drizzle cake, mini eggs and tiny fuzzy yellow chicks!  Not to mention the obligatory sunday roast (or two, after I 'accidentally' turn up at my boyfriend's the weekend after). After all, everybody knows easter calories don't count, right?

4. Manicured nails. It's the small things in life make me happy, and mid-month spa treatments are definitely up there in those small things. I'm trying to pry myself away from my religious devotion to YSL 'Rouge Pop Art' and go for something a little different. Of course, nothing can compare to the perfect French manicure, but this season I'm thinking of going bigger and brighter (think neon tips/metallics/daffodil yellow)...


5. Unlimited resources. I'm a huge geek when it comes to research - once I get an idea in my head, I will trawl the depths of the internet to dissect every fiber of information I can find surrounding it. This week we've seen the Cyprus banking crisis (cue BBC Breaking News), the press regulation debate (The Guardian online) and my never-ending urge to travel (GapYear.com)... Now with a tablet, iPhone and Mac at my fingertips, its easy for me to get lost for hours at a time. Not to mention the pages I've filled with visa information, currency value and interior design cut outs... Maybe it's best for me to stick to reading fiction!


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