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For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with interior design. It started as a rainy day hobby in my early childhood where I used to spend hours making and decorating different rooms of a house using shoe boxes and old cardboard. Despite having a full sized doll house (and a Barbie caravan!) I was never satisfied with not being able to actually make and design my own.

It wasn't until early last year (and a repurchase of the Sims I eagerly anticipated for weeks) that I rediscovered my love for interior design. Why it didn't occur to me to study this at university I will never know... But i still stick by the valuable lessons that studying Journalism and Media have taught me. As for now, I'm looking at ways to get back into my love of design and have found a new outlet for me to pour my heart out over: La Dolce Vita

It's a blog dedicated to interior design, which looks at different aspects of the home through posts written by a variation of writers. The owner herself, Paloma, is the underlying voice of the blog, with guest writers focusing on features such as "Fabulous Room Friday" and "Global Architecture". It's safe to say that I'm hooked, and (much to my boyfriend's annoyance) have been scrolling through the pages non-stop saving inspiring images and lusting over both modern and traditional architecture.

It's probably the reason I've been feeling so down lately about wanting to hop abroad! I feel as though I'm sick of renting and not being able to modify the apartment (despite my mum's constant reminding me not to wish my life away!...). La Dolce Vita gives me some much needed inspiration and an almost escape from the mundane routine of London life. In some resects, the blog has inspired me to consider pursuing my dream of interior design despite being half way through a Journalism course! We'll see where it takes me... Also, don't miss the weekly quotes, either. Even on my most grey and run-down days, they remind me of things to smile about!


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