Ain't No Sunshine

Still raining, grey and cold. So this is Great Britain?
Last night, to escape the weather, me and my boyfriend went to see Parker (think American crime-war thriller- plus Jason Statham - swoon). It gave us a chance to escape the apartment as we've both been ill lately with prolonged symptoms of hot sweats, runny noses and feeling heavily run down. Not nice.

Admittedly, since being neck deep in throws and electric blankets, submerging myself pitifully in the Sex and The City boxset and drinking far too much hot tea and lemon... I've come to feel quite lost these past few days. I think it started around a month ago when applying for placements, and was suddenly realised when I was thrust into thinking about my future. Think Julia Roberts' crying scene in Eat Pray Love. Yes, that was me, on my knees, crying about what to do next.

Thanks to my job (which, typical rant, has made me a bitter and miserable Londoner) I have entered the world of the paid adult. It still confuses me to say that word: Adult. I feel too young to be making informed choices, too young to throw spontaneous dinner parties that don't involve straight vodka or onion ring crisps, too young to intern on a features column. Yet I'm old enough to pay bills and be responsible and to control my appetite for travel. I have, however, made a few recent key piece purchases. I'm still saving up for my holiday's this coming summer, and should probably be a little more careful with my money... But in this weather, I think any girl will agree, we just need a bit of retail therapy.

Bag: H&M, Shoes: H&M, Magazine: Topshop
 I had been searching for a new bag for quite some time: It's fair to say I'm rather annoyingly picky when it comes to buying new bags. It needs to be large enough to fit in two day's worth of clothes for weekends at my boyfriends, small enough to carry around London all day, be able to match all my coats, enough pockets for my phone, purse, lipstick, tablet... you get the gist. It was difficult to part myself from my Zara inspired buckle-strap bag, but the time has come to put it in the wardrobe. I finally found one I liked in Zara (here) but decided against buying it until I had finished looking around, and thankfully I did, as I managed to find a bag I fell in love with in H&M (above). 
I was originally attracted by the Celine-esque handles which add effortless sophistication to any outfit, equally, for a plain black bag, there is something quite 'Parisian' about the structure. 

Red sky at night, Shepherd's delight?????

Lazy Mornings reading 'Cupcakes and Cashmere' - get yours on amazon here!

Work, Work, Work...

15 minutes of sun as I rush towards the window seats

New York Deli (Now all that's missing is NY..)

Presentation and deadline prep

New H&M printed trousers, I'm in love! 

Rings and fruit tea galore - Cafe Nero

More laziness - my current obsessions Sincerely Jules and La Dolce Vita


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