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1. Diane Von Furstenberg Spotted Cat Pillowcase - Dusty Purple - 66 x...
$125 -
These three cushions prove that the on-trend 'bright and bold' of colour blocking is definitely here to stay. I can't resist sneaking some animal print in with the other accessories on this page - I think it adds a really fun juxtaposition (and, of course, you can never go wrong with DVF...)
Food always looks more decadent when it's presented on beautiful plates. Don't just save the good dinnerware for when guests come over... Treat yourself to the little luxury of having your morning toast and cup of coffee in elegant and striking patterns and live like the Queen you've always wanted... It's hard to say no. Especially when they're Versace.
I always find I have a small collection of miniture belongings that seem to accumulate across my flat (I find bobby pins in every liveable crevice, not to mention the packets of matches, rings and perfume samples)... For some time I've been looking for the perfect little pot to put them all in. I love the vintage-inspired rust effect on this charm box - not too modern and edgy, just the right amount of 40s femininity that clashes nicely against the manlyness of the floor lamp and club chair
Every home deserves a piece that screams elegance, and this chair proves just that... While still looking cosy, I could imagine curling up with a coffee and a good book just as much as it would provide an expensive-feeling breakfast chair. Serious lust here.

$195 -
Whereas gold cutlery used to be seen as either the dining-ware of the aristocracy or a tacky christmas dinner tradition, in the right environment (think glossy black plates with thin gold piping) it can be a striking difference to the typical silver spoons and forks on offer

6. Table-top Books
To me, lived in means magazines and books sprawled across every available surface. I'm always warmed inside when I visit someone's house who has a good selection of coffee table books on display - it says so much about your personality, interests and can add some interesting visual aspects to an otherwise empty surface. My tabletop choices at the moments are Whitney Port 'True Whit', 'How to be a free-range human' and '100 Ideas That Changed Fashion'

7. Currey & Co Montauk Square Coffee Table
I love the design of this coffee table, everything about it is perfect: the thick, iridescent top, the eye-catching branch-like base, and the drained colours. It would suit both a minimal, white room as a focal point but wouldn't look out of place in a masculine office.

8. Visual Comfort Studio Pivoting Task Lamp | floor | Neena's Lighting
Speaking of masculine design, this lamp brings the perfect amount of old-fashioned gentleman chic to any room. Paired with the club chair pictured above, it's possible to create a bachelor feel that's also comfortable and lived-in. It's bringing back the vision of that cold snowy night (very on key right now) tucked up in my big  throne of a chair with a hot drink and good company! Just say the word chocolate and I'm there...


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