Concessions of an Icon: SJP

Starring as Carrie Bradshaw in the hit US series Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker had the wardrobe that every girl wanted. Through the 90s we saw her blossom in style from navy Fendi and sky-high sandals in season one, right to Chanel in Paris and the signature red-soled Louboutins by the end of season six.

SJP in real life is not much different. With six front covers of Vogue under her belt (...Yes, really. Six) and low-light honey hair to die for, she is as much a part of the fashion industry away from the silver screen as she is on it. Although she doesn't flaunt the snake-print-skin-tight bodycon or leather tank top around downtown New York (telling Glamour in 2007 that "women always ask to see my shoes... And then i show them I'm wearing flip flops"), she still embodies the effortlessly chic and put-together look of her on screen counterpart. To me, she represents the epitome of 'yummy mummy cool', mixing high profile designers (Lanvin, Valentino, Chloe...) with more high street brands such as Gap....

There's something about maxi skirts I've always loved; it might be the way they can be easily transformed between different looks. The draping elegance reminds me of playing dress-up as a child, and paired with a pair of mid-heel sandals is instant, easy day-glamour. However, swap the heels for some tan, Crew sandals and you've got beach-chic in seconds.
I'm a big fan of the colours here - charcoal grey, nude cream and clean white. I've added in the bracelet to bring some mustard-yellow as a pop of colour and dimension to the outfit, but of course, that's probably just making up for the merky weather here today. Additionally, the very 'Carrie' oversized sunglasses in this only further the image of a beach retreat (maybe because here in London we don't have such thing as sunny days!). 
Details of the outfit can be found here!

Easy, clean and casual - I'm loving the suede texture of this jacket, it gives the illusion of denim-on-denim without being too daring. The boyfriend jeans and nude ankle boots make for a loose-fitting, comfy outfit that's still stylish in every respect. Instead of plain black sunglasses as seen on SJP, I've opted for a pair of 'Jacey' tortoise-shell sunnies by Oliver Peoples (find them here
The whole outfit compliments the honey-blonde tones of her hair, as well as the 4/5th sleeves showing just the right amount of wrist.
Details of the outfit here!

 When I say mumsy-chic, I mean truly mumsy-chic... Everything about this is incredible. The mixture of bold colours, the flattering fit and juxtaposting textures make me green with envy (how lust-worthy is that turquoise chunky knit?). Of course, at a very youthful looking 48, SJP shows us that bold colours and statement necklaces can still be pulled off effortlessly at any age... with the dress perfectly fitted to her figure, cinching in at the waist and falling just below the knee. It makes me think afternoon tea in the sunshine, or a family bbq in the back garden... Either way, the champagne is mandatory.
Details of the outfit here!

Alright... So this isn't exactly SJP being SJP, but you get the jist. I couldn't resist adding in this ensemble from the opening scenes of Sex and the City 2 featuring Carrie in the most incredibly show-stopping Gold Mirror Aviators (in case you're wondering, they're by Mykita & Bernhard Willhelm and clock in at $525!). Classic Louboutins, a clean white dress and an egyptian-inspired necklace, what more could a girl want? I love the summer feel of this dress, the draped sleeves and cinched in waist make it so wearable (and would compliment a tan like crazy!), and not to mention easy to accessorize. It's fair to say I'm pretty mad about this on the whole.
Details for the outfit here!

To check out more of Sarah Jessica Parker's style in Sex and the City 2, InStyle magazine have a great article online:,,20364084_20365021_20776100,00.html#20776146


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