Spring Time

The last few days have been spent doing mainly the same things... lounging in the sun, eating out and riding bikes around Hyde Park. I've spent days with my sister, friends and had Pete here since Wednesday night, which has been so much fun.

Saturday, we went to IKEA (one of my favorite things to do in the world), I ended up buying some glasses (with pineapples and flamingos!), incredible Swedish cookies and a tomato plant. After this, we went to Lakeside shopping centre to do some holiday-shopping- only 6 weeks to go! We stocked up on tanning oils, sun cream, shampoo, etc etc... And I brought a cherry red bag from Zara - it was love at first sight.

My new baby
Riding bikes around Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens
Pimms and wine by the Serpantine lake
Glasses out!
Casual outfit in the sun: Jeggings, cream points, white shirt and blazer
St James' Park
Cherry blossom finally out by the river
Not-so-big Ben
Bike pit-stop!
Happy hour at Las Iguanas, Westfields
Holiday shopping!
A night out at Envy
Dinner outside the Ritz, Cafe de Pierre


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