Smoke and Mirrors

I think sometimes it's good to remember that online, everything looks a little different. Sort of like rose-tinted glasses.
I once read that we should "stop comparing everyone's highlight reel with our behind-the-scenes", which is easy to forget! We only really post the good things that happen to us, never the tuesday morning bad hair, late-for-the-bus running, putting out the bins. Let's face it, that wouldn't make a particularly good read. 

But recently, stuck in a job that was going nowhere, I was stuck in north circular traffic reading bloggers who were drinking out of coconuts, sans bikini tops on white beaches (ahem, no names)! I felt a pang of jealousy wondering why my life wasn't as wonderful and glamorous. But the reality is, we post our highlights and they're most likely read by someone eating cornflakes in bed. 

Moral of the story for me, is to appreciate the little moments in life, as they'll probably turn out to be the big things in the long run. 


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