Five things to be happy about this week...

1. Exactly 8 weeks until Crete. Okay, so that makes it sound light-years away... I prefer to think of it as eight roast dinners, three weekends at home, or 56 days to shop, which of course makes it sound much closer and lovelier. 

2. Finding a good book. While in Spitafields Market on what was a very sunny Monday morning, I picked up a copy of Jon Ronson's 'Them'. I've been a fan of his books for quite some time, they're good for picking up, reading a chapter and putting down as they don't particularly have a chronological flow: Instead, it's more a collection of short-stories detailing the lives of 'extremists' in a very Louis Theroux journalistic style. 

3. Finding time for an exciting breakfast. I'm a little boring and conventional when it comes to breakfast on an average day: As I have to be out the house by 8.30am, I find it difficult to reach for anything other than a bowl of Special K and a cup of coffee. Once in a while it's a rare luxury that I will whip up something fun and different (admittedly, usually only when I'm cooking for Pete too)... I make mean pancakes with honey and banana! This blueberry and nut crunch looks too good to pass up in the future!

4. Finding words to live by. I've started to see more and more 'inspirational quotes' floating around on instagram and pinterest in the past few weeks (some are horribly cringeworthy, so it's all about sifting the diamonds from the rocks)... However, some I do come across give me a little boost during the day and are good reminders to click me out of "work" mode. 

5. Stripping off! Don't get too exited, we're not in shorts and t shirt weather yet... But we're getting there. The iPhone weather forecast (reliable or not) says this Sunday will reach 17 degrees. As we've potted through Spring with high's of 7 or 8 degrees, I can tell you this weather cannot come soon enough... So even if I have goosebumps, I'm donning a summer dress (sans tights!) and sunglasses come the weekend!

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