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Tag Heuer steel jewelry / Tom Ford eyewear / TOPMAN Washed Black Chino Shorts, $37 / TOPMAN Black Leather Look Bomber Jacket, $92 / TOPMAN White V-Neck T-Shirt, $11 / Old Navy Mens Slim Fit Pilot Shirts / TOPMAN Charcoal Marl Scoop Neck T-Shirt, $11 / MHL by Margaret Howell Men Grey Matelot Striped Jersey T-Shirt, $115 / Toms Mens Classic White Canvas Espadrilles, $54 / CLOSED CLIFTON Chinos, $230 / Levi's® Belt, $64 / ALEX, $115 / TIE SLIM DRYKORN, $65

I've moved on from shopping for my own summer wardrobe (for now...) and decided to look at helping my man build up his. In fact, he admittedly has a wardrobe full of suits, jumpers and polo shirts, and nothing much else.. When he asked me last week if "stripes are still in fashion", I knew it was time I took action.

So this summer I'm thinking very casual and gentlemanly chic... Charcoal greys, clean whites and duck egg blues. In my opinion, there's nothing better than a tanned man with a light stubble in a fresh shirt, c'mon boys we're not that picky. 

I've added in the Tag Heuer Monaco as we went to Westfield yesterday for some dinner and drinks, and ended up going to "look at" the item he covets the most. Ultimately, why he was trying some on, we were offered champagne and, as usual, my boy made very un-small talk with the sales assistant. Turns out he'd done work in the Porsche dealership Pete was at throughout the morning... Small world! 

Anyhow... here's some of the inspiration I've been going with.


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