Head to Toe

Throughout the winter, I let my beauty and skin care regime drop somewhat... Wrapping up in layers meant that my legs rarely saw the light of day! So now, pasty and dry, I'm starting to emerge out of skin-care-hibernation and get back into a good routine.

At the moment, this is how things look:

Skin Care;

  • Garnier gentle make up remover
  • Superdrug tea tree and witch hazel toner
  • Boots antiseptic cleansing night gel
  •  Lush cinnamon and peppermint oil bar (for legs)
  • Exfoliating full body scrub twice a week
  • Aveeno extra nourishing moisturizer... 
  • ...mixed with L'Oreal true match foundation
  • Natural Collection translucent setting powder
  • Chanel Soliel de Tan Bronzer
  • Maybelline smokey eye pen
  • Rimmel eyebrow pencil
  • Collection 2000 Eye liner pen
  • L'Oreal lash architect mascara
  • Carmex mint lip balm
  • 17 eyeshadow (I use for contouring/highlighting)
I vow to....
  • Treat my winter-damaged hair with a mask once a week... At the moment I use Herbal Essences Honey conditioner, but I need something a bit more intensive, so I've picked this Moroccan Hair Oil mask
  • Similarly, if I can find the time, I'd like to wear a face mask for 15 minutes a week to clear up my complexion and hydrate my skin at the same time
  • At the moment (and throughout winter) I ruined my skin by shaving... So I would now like to vow to epilate (Lord, help me) and use ingrown hair serum to sort out any left over problems
  • Keep feet soft and smooth for my large array of summer sandals with a pummice and Johnson's baby oil
  • Whole body scrub to get an even tan (and rid myself of the ghostly pastyness I'm sporting right now) and have a lovely glow!


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