Summer Lovin'

I like to joke to my boyfriend sometimes that he's my Danny Zuko. We met in a bar on a Greek island under the stars (okay... we met in a bar on the strip of Kos, over spilt Jager-bombs and house music) but I like to remember it a little differently. This will, of course, be our first full summer together (although, technically speaking, our fourth holiday since we met) and I intend to make the most out of it!
I'm also so excited to go back home and spend time with the girls. I almost hyperventilated whilst tweeting/whatapping Soph today - it just reminded me of how much I miss her!
So here's some of the things I'm looking forward to this summer...
1. Picnic in Hyde Park
2. A trip to a theme park (Alton Towers, Drayton Manor, Thorpe Park...)
3. Roadtrip to Liverpool
4. Bikerides through London parks

5. A trip out on the lake in Pete's boat
6. Rooftop cocktails in the sunshine (Hole in the Wall)
7. Walks through the countryside in the lazy evenings
8. A day out at Western Supermare seaside
9. Holiday to Crete!
10. Homemade ice lollies, lemonade and tanning sessions in the back garden
11. Dips in Soph's pool with music and magazines
12. Barbequeue at Holly's
13. Bright red/orange shellac manicure/pedicure for holdiday!

14. Yoga and Pilates sessions
15. Afternoon tea at Coughton Court, and a stroll around the gardens
16. Day at the Safari Park
17. Shopping for holiday essentials
18. Arden Cote outdoor pool with books and wine
19. Homemade salmon salad with asparagus 

20. Breakfast in a chic London cafe with sun-hats and iced lattes
21. Go Karting
22. Getting up at 5am to do a car boot sale
23. Doing the bluebell walk
24. Getting a tan and slathering on coconut butter
25. Feeling the sun on my skin!


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