What I Want Wednesday

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Stretchy pants / Flat heels / Gucci trolley bag, $2,695 / Oscar de la Renta envelope clutch / Chanel bronzing powder / MUGLER , $77 / iittala Senta White Wine Glass, $27

1. A pair of chic, pointed flats. In fact, I have managed to find a pair of these already, however, they're in cream and black (tips) and already have a few scuff marks on them. In reality, cream isn't a particularly London-friendly shoe colour. I'm on the look out for a soft suede black pair, I love these ones pictures above - the cut out sides make add some style to the otherwise quite understated design.

2. Luggage. Okay, so maybe not a Gucci trolley bag set like the one pictured above (but a girl can dream, right?). I'm thinking maybe a hard-shell Tripp suitcase, or plain black leather. Something very simple and chic that goes with my wide selection of airport outfits (there are many - I am so fussy). 

3. Speaking of fussy... I cannot believe that Chanel have discontinued the Soleil de tan bronzer I was in love with - it's genuinely broken my heart (cries)! They have released a new one that supposed to do the same job, but to me couldn't be more different. The packaging is white (and arguably more tacky looking) not to mention smaller and lacking in a brush-compartment. Disaster. 

4. Leather trousers. Even though it's getting into summer now, I still can't help but be bowled over by the whole leather trouser/leather legging phase. Zara have a new pair of waxed jeans out and- although not particularly leather-looking for my liking -are still pretty lustworthy!

5. Thierry Mulger, Alien. I've probably said it a hundered times now, but I'm obsessed with this scent. It's woody and musky and oriental and sweet all at the same time... I can always smell it on other people in the street, to me it's the epitome of distinctive. And for only £50 for 60ml am I right in thinking Debhenams is the place to go?

6. A statement clutch. I've been looking for some time now for the 'perfect' clutch.. I'm thinking something plain and bold like this Oscar de la Renta one (okay, okay... dreaming again). I can't wait until my holiday and know how useful clutches are when you're only leaving the hotel room for drinks, dinner or a stroll on the beach. Can't wait!

7. This whole week, I've had an abnormal craving for seafood spaghetti and a crisp glass of white wine. Perhaps my belly is getting ready for holiday, who knows. But what I do know is that my diet isn't very permitting of either of these items of deliciousness right now.... perhaps next week!


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