The "I have nothing to wear" debate

In an average month, I spend around £120 on clothes and accessories. We're talking jackets, t-shirts, leggings, skirts, bags... The whole shabang. Why is it then, that like every other woman in the western world, I stand coffee-in-hand, frowning at my overflowing wardrobe with one question in mind:

"why the heck do I have nothing to wear?!"

It's a phenomenon universally accepted by all members of the human race (and brushed aside as feminine craziness by the male species). Of course, literally speaking we have clothes to wear: It's the process of building an ensemble that is, at times, near impossible. Too many blacks, too long, too short, coffee-stained, broken zip, too tight... You get the gist. I can spend (waste) hours pulling clothes out of my wardrobe, hopelessly searching for something that doesn't exist, especially during seasons like this. In Britain, we're currently going through a difficult transition between winter and spring: One minute it's 22 degrees with seemingly unending sun, and the next, we're back to rain and wind. 

Because of this, every morning I check the weather report. Then check it again. Then cross reference Daybreak's report with my iPhone just to be certain... All to end up in leggings, a t shirt sunglasses (optimistic thinking) and a blazer. So, to give myself some spring/summer inspiration... I've rounded up a few outfit ideas. The rest can be found on my Pinterest account!



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