The devil makes work for idle thumbs

It's 16.56 on an average Wednesday. It's sunny, I've finished my lectures add had a salad tortilla and a green tea for lunch. Outside, the sun is shining but today (and I know I will probably regret this come 7pm...) I don't feel at all like going out. It's rare for me to just stay in and do nothing... Catch up on blogs, tick off my to-do list and download books onto my tablet. 

I think it's little afternoons like this - afternoons that we rarely let ourselves have - that can make us appreciate the day-to-day business of life a bit more. I read somewhere that "the things you do while procrastinating are the things you should be doing for life", for me that's blogging, reading magazines, constructing outfits, making lists, designing 'dream rooms' and online shopping. Of course, it's difficult to turn any of these into a full time job (much to my dismay - professional Polyvore stylist amen) but when you think outside the box - shop buyer, magazine journalist, fashion editor, interior designer... - it starts to look a bit clearer. 
One of the biggest things I worry about in day-to-day life is my near future. I think that institutions like sixth form and university put far too much pressure on choosing future career paths down to the fine details... Over the months, I've been forced into making big decisions about my life when I'm still not entirely sure which direction I want to take. Through many (lethargic) discussions with my mother, sister and boyfriend, I've come to terms with the fact that, despite my love for journalism - my desire to travel and explore the world means that a graduate salary job contracted for years is off the cards. I'd quite like to be self employed, young and free.

I want to drink wine in the south of France, ride a gondola through Venice, see elephants in Bali, drive through Nevada desert and watch the sunset in Mexico. I have so many things to see, people to meet and experiences to have that I can't possibly see me fitting this into a four-week holiday allowance per year. 

For now, I'll just enjoy the little things.


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