The Island

With my holiday fast approaching (honestly, I will shut up about it soon...) I'm looking at all the summer clothes in shops and all practicality has gone out the window: I want loose shorts, bikinis, kaftans, sun hats and travel-size products.

I almost forgot how much I'm looking forward to the food and drinks as well. Cocktails by the pool, you say? Greek salads, balsamic vinegar, ciabatta breads... The whole Mediterranean shabang! The Island hotel is the second image below - and what's better is there's tennis courts, beaches, sea-view balconies, bath robes and a water park near by. Although I know I'd rather hire a boat for a little while and take it out to sea.

Before the off, I need to get a wax, epilate my legs (ouch!), double triple check my packing, paint my nails and toenails, pack hand luggage, ask Sharon to water my plants (HELP) and do last minute sit ups in the hope for abs...


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