Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Less than a week until my holiday! Can't believe it's come around so soon... The girls have been quibilling all day over holidays at the end of July (which, as awful as it sounds is the least of my worries right now - as long as there's sea, sun and cocktails I'm in!)

I've already packed my suitcase (yes, sad) and crossed off the checklist to-do before we fly (yes, sadder). But who can blame me... It's been awful weather in England these past few weeks, it's only recently started to look up again - just can't wait to get into the sun!

On a different note, I travelled back home over the bank holiday weekend for a longer stay than usual (now that I've finished deadlines). Pete drove down with me on Saturday afternoon, we roadtripped down the sunny M40 with a usb of good songs, aviators and Starbucks Frappaccino's (compulsory). On Sunday afternoon we did one of my all time favourite things - taking a countryside walk in the sun. We took silly photos, ran aimlessly, went all MI5 spying on the houses and ran from cows (okay, I ran).  For lunch, we met up with my dad and his girlfriend, Mary, over lunch in Coast to Coast (new American restaurant in Touchwood) I had margarita pizza, olives and a white wine spritzer.

Other than this, we had a make-shift BBQ in the back garden on bank holiday Monday, and got fish and chips take away sitting outside to enjoy the evening sun followed by Les Mis! And - of course - it goes without saying, many, many servings of coffee and cake. 

Soph's got a new job at L'Occitane! Hope she does lots of hours as we'll be able to go wild (and I can have my holiday money back!). Which also reminds me, I need to look for a job in September. Ah, Victoria's Secret when will you hear my cries. Over the summer I'll be doing jobs for my mum, working with my dad, etc. Although I have asked her to mention to her friends that I'm up for even doing manual labour/dog walking... Desperate times call for desperate measures! (I have just put £798 towards the girls holiday for me and sharon... £200 for spending money in Greece and £630 for that holiday.......... phew). 


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