The Perfect Day

For me, a perfect day consists of three things... good company, lots of sunshine and great food. One thing that I've come to learn over the last few months is that the most perfect of all perfect days happen when you least expect it.

Last monday was one of those days.

Me and pete set out with one intention - to see London Zoo! The sun was shining (and beating down at 20 degrees) and we got to Camden station just in time for lunch! Of course, not missing this quick opportunity to fill my belly, we stopped off en route to ZSL at Starbucks where we had steak paninnis, a giant cookie and berry ice drinks (well, actually pete had a hazelnut latte which he's pretty much obsessed with since finding out they taste like christmas).

The queue was quite lengthy but that didn't deter us... When we finally got in, we headed straight out to find the penguins, giraffes and all the creepy crawlies in between that don't get enough attention. After a good few hours (and many many pictures later), we found our way to a river side walk which was a million miles away from the bustling city of London. We decided to get a boat to Little Venice in stead of the train, as we wanted a more scenic route. Lot's of people watching.

After a short roam around Little Venice, we decided to take the tube back to Marble Arch for a small picnic by the fountain (and more people watching! lots and lots of it). We stopped at Sainsbury's to put everything together... Olives, half a roast chicken, pitta bread, humous, pasta and Kopperburg (with melon and grapes for pudding!). It was so nice to just spend some quality time in the evening sun. Until Pete spilt cider on me of course!

I still don't think any perfect day will beat my birthday in Paris (continental room service breakfast, opening cards and sightseeing - not to mention dinner with a view of the Eiffel Tower!) Best. Ever.


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