Pet Hates (and bursting the bubble of positivity)...

I try my hardest in everyday life to be positive and say nice things. Recently, I read that "what susie says about sally says more of susie than of sally" (yes it's silly, but so fun to say - I know you're trying it right now...). I'm sure most women will agree with me when I say we like the gossip - we like the drama and the "she did WHAT". The innuendos and girl codes and he-said-she-said, behind-the-back whispering... Actually, come to think of it - I'm more than certain there's a little Regina George in all of us.

But for every time you've ever hovered with the knife in hand, remember that someone is your Gretchen Weiners. Which is sad. 

Sometimes, I bite my tongue when someone's act of unkindness/stupidity/arrogance makes me cringe. Which is why I feel like it's a good place here to have a vent about ten things I hate the most... No matter how pitifully small and pathetic.

1. People who are unnecessarily mean to make themselves look better. (I'm sure we all knew one of these boys in high school - and yes, it mainly seems to be boys... my hatred for this is deepened when you visibly see the 'attacker' looking around after humiliating the 'skapegoat'. It makes me so mad)

2. People who are always late/unreliable/untrustworthy. (Another kind of person I'm sure we all know. Maybe its because me - and my mum and boyfriend - are all incredibly anal and turn up at the precise minute we're supposed to... But it's VERY rare I'm the second to arrive/don't have to go order a coffee because the person I'm meeting hasn't turned up yet)

3. The people who use the 'open' button on the automatic tube doors. No.

4. People who put on music channels during the advert breaks (Sorry Pete)

5. People who are rude to wait staff. I've always remembered that 'a man is measured on how he treats his inferiors, not his equals' - so be nice to those waiting on you!

6. Bright eyeshadow...
7. ...glitter eyeshadow
8. ...glitter acrylic nails
9. ...colour eyeliner. I am sorry, but no.

10. When people are critical of other peoples hobbies/past times. I find this one quite frustrating as I have a few unconventional "hobbies" (so to speak)... I like shopping by myself, having lunch with just a magazine for company, staying in with my boy, a good film and a glass of wine on a saturday night, and having a granny-evening (sewing, baking, gardening, listening to Rod Stewert etc etc). Each to their own, I say. And if you want to play Dungeons and Dragons for three days straight without washing or shaving then that. is. fine.


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